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Brik Oven


A pizzeria project in Bangalore that has been very satisfying to watch unfold. Started by 2 young entrepreneurs, one of them my brother Anirudh, a chef who trained in Le Cordon Blue London, and the other by his partner Sreeram Anvesh a former tax analyst and a raging sugar addict.

The best ideas are borne over drinks, as was theirs in 2016 when one wanted to make pizzas, and the other milkshakes. They found this quaint “to let” spot on Church Street and laid the foundations for the now iconic pizza joint. 3 years later, Brik Oven is building its 3rd restaurant and scouting for a fourth location. My team and I worked on every aspect of the brand from inception to operation, including work on the brand name.

When the chefs approached me with their plan to set up shop, I decided to depict the brand as their personal kitchen, an approachable, quirky & casual atmosphere that really was an extension of their personalities. Translating this literally, caricatures were developed of the 2 and used to design all the collaterals for the diner – from paper napkins to pizza boxes.

The first step as always was logo design and working on the conceptualization and then I worked together with the architect to reflect this ethos in the space. A winning combination of concept, ambiance, operations, and product has made this little restaurant a phenomenal success.

Brik Oven