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Chocolate Philosophy


Chocolate Philosophy is an artisanal chocolate factory based in Bangalore started by Nivedita and Uma 10 years ago. Selling out of kiosks in the Good Earth stores and from airports, they were now ready for an identity refresh and to re-imagine the packaging of their 300+ products.

Philosophy is pondering on life, and some of life’s existential questions can be answered by reading classical texts. This is why we chose to go with a typographical route reminiscent of the leather-bound covers of all our favorite literature. Books much like chocolate, are indeed the finer things in life.

As a small-batch made product, true luxury is in the way couverture chocolate melts in your mouth and the way the packaging feels, not just how it looks.

So to honor the fact that the most luxurious products are the ones that in fact are not packaged at all, our packaging is understated yet flawless. In construction, we used materials and structures so no white edges or seams are visible.

Using the identity elements developed, which include the uncoated paper, the palette, and typography, we could create endless permutations and possibilities of designs.

With this project being an ode to literature, we hope perhaps one day Shashi Tharoor will endorse us. :)

Chocolate Philosphy